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What do I need to switch to Electric Ireland?

We’ve made the switching process as easy as possible for you, but before you start your journey to better savings you’ll need to have a few items to hand:

1. Your most recent electricity or gas bill

To switch electricity you’ll need your MPRN from your latest electricity bill and to switch gas, your GPRN from your latest gas bill.

2. Your current meter reading

Your electricity meter reading is a number found on your electricity meter. The meter is read from left to right. Ignore digits in red or digits surrounded by a red box.

Your gas meter reading from your gas meter is needed when switching gas. The meter is read from left to right. Ignore numbers to the right of the comma.

3. Your bank details

Your bank details are needed to set up your direct debit (direct debit is required to switch online). Keep in mind that only a Republic of Ireland bank account can be used for switching online.

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