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DIY and gardening safety

You need to take extra care when you use electricity outside, in your garden or for DIY projects. Review the following issues and take precautions where required.

  1. Ensure all sockets supplying electricity to power tools or outdoor appliances meet current safety standards.
  2. Always follow the manufacturers' guidelines when using electrical appliances.
  3. Never use electrical appliances in the rain or in wet conditions.
  4. Use protective clothing, goggles and footwear when using electrical appliances.
  5. Keep trailing flexes well clear of lawnmower blades, hedge-trimmers and electric saws.
  6. Unplug all appliances before attempting to make adjustments or clean blades.
  7. Never leave appliances or tools unattended when they are plugged in. Especially if there are children around.
  8. Check all flexes, plugs, and sockets for any signs of damage before use. Never try to repair a damaged item yourself.
  9. When using extension reels, make sure to uncoil them completely to prevent overheating.
  10. Never use ladders or tall objects near overhead electricity cables.
  11. Install TV aerials far enough away from overhead cables that they won't touch them even if they fall over.
  12. Never plant trees beneath overhead cables. You should contact ESB Networks straight away if you see garden trees touching any cables.
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