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How do I use vouchers?

Get money off your next Electric Ireland bill.

Saving money on your Electric Ireland bills is easy. Simply enter a 9 digit voucher code to receive your discount. Vouchers can also be earned with the SuperValu Real Rewards programme. To get involved and start saving, just follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Join Electric Ireland Rewards and register your SuperValu Real Rewards card.

STEP 2: Earn SuperValu Real Rewards points by paying off your Electric Ireland energy bills, and by shopping in SuperValu stores.

STEP 3: Use your points/vouchers to save on your energy bills. To use your Supervalu Real Rewards points, log into your SuperValu account and convert your points to a voucher code. To use this voucher (or printed vouchers sent out by Supervalu in the post) then redeem using 9 digit code on

STEP 4: Your discount will be applied to the Electric Ireland account you’ve chosen and will appear on your next bill under the heading “Your Real Rewards Savings.”

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