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Electric Ireland Rewards – our customer loyalty scheme

Electric Ireland Rewards – our customer loyalty scheme

As well as supplying you with all you need to make the most of your home, we’re also proud to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the very best of all our homes – Ireland

Our rewards celebrate the best of our beautiful and exciting country

Just by being a member you can select from an array of Irish days out from our ‘Great days out’ network plus enjoy offers and exciting prize draws from our carefully selected partners.

  • ‘always on’ Just like the electricity in your home these will be always available for you to use at anytime
  • ‘green’ We select one of our favourite green partners every month. These special offers look after our amazing country and help your pocket as well as the planet.
  • ‘seasonal’ Here you’ll find special offers that will change throughout the year, so remember to check back regularly.

And if that's not enough

we also offer you the opportunity to earn a FREE €5 off your electricity and gas bill every two months – saving you €30 every year. It is this combination of practical and exciting rewards that makes our rewards programme great.

To learn more about our offers, competitions, and SuperValu partnership, visit and click “Register to get started”.

All you’ll need is …

  • Your Electric Ireland account number (this can be found on your electricity or gas bill)

  • Your contact details

  • And your date of birth.

Have a question about our rewards programme? Take a look at our FAQs

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