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I have arrears on my gas bill - can I pay these with a Pay As You Go gas meter?

If you have arrears on your gas bill, and you have been unable to repay this amount, we may require you to choose a Pay As You Go gas meter. This is to ensure your supply will not be disconnected.

In this case, we‘ll contact you beforehand to explain that we need to change your meter and ensure that …

  • It is safe and practical for you to operate a Pay As You Go meter; and
  • There is a suitable Payzone shop in your area so you can buy credit.

Payzone LogoYour meter will be set so that 10%** of the credit you buy is put towards the debt outstanding on your bill. The balance goes towards the unit price of gas and the daily standing charge. For example, if you top up by €10, €1 will go towards your arrears and €9 will go towards your general usage.

** This means that you will always have credit available for your general usage.

See Pay As you Go Gas for more information.

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