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How does my Pay as You Go top up work?

Your PAYG top-up value will be used for your energy consumption.

If you have used the PAYG Emergency Credit facility, or have accumulated daily service charges these may be recouped from your purchased top-up value with the remaining balance available for your energy consumption. If applicable, any outstanding arrears balance applied to your PAYG meter may also have a portion of your purchased PAYG top-up value used to reduce any such balance.

PAYG Electricity customers with outstanding arrears will have 10% of the top-up value used to reduce their arrears balance. For example: If you top-up by €10, €1 will be deducted towards your arrears balance. This will leave €9 to use for electricity consumption.

PAYG Gas customers with outstanding arrears have a hierarchical structure applied to arrears recovery. At a minimum you are guaranteed 40% of purchased PAYG Gas top-up being allocated to gas consumption. Depending on the type of arrears on the PAYG Gas meter more may be available towards consumption. For example; if only Emergency Credit or standing charge is being repaid then this is deducted at a rate of 35% of your PAYG top-up value meaning you receive 65% of the purchased top-up value for gas consumption.

You can top up your Pay As You Go Electricity Meter online, or view other ways to top up your meter.
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