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Guide to using a Pay As You Go Gas meter

  • Once you have bought credit for your Gas Card, insert the card into the prepayment meter.
  • Make sure the gold coloured chip on the card faces towards the meter display.
  • Press the red button. The display will show ‘Busy’.
  • Take out the Gas Card when ‘Busy’ is no longer displayed.
  • If an amount shows as ‘OWED’ on the display screen, this means that the meter will use some of your new credit. The meter display will then display how much money you have left for gas use.

What do all the numbers mean on the digital display on the meter?

00: Purchased Credit: How much money you last put into the meter.
03: For Credit: Amount available for gas (after debt, emergency credit etc. is deducted)
04: Current time on the meter.
17: Daily amount deducted for Standing Charge - this is taken at 2 am. every day.
23: Gas Allocation Rate: Minimum percentage of credit given for normal use.
32: Reference Number: Last 6 characters from Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN).
33: Credit: Last Credit Adjustment applied by Electric Ireland.
34: Credit Used: Amount of credit used in the last seven days.
36: Emergency Credit Debt: Amount of Emergency Credit that has been used but not yet repaid.

See Pay As you Go Gas for more information.

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