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What should I do if my night storage heaters are not working currently?

If you’re experiencing an issue with your night storage heater the first thing you’ll need to do is to check your time switch:

  1. First note the time on your storage heater
  2. Work out whether this time is within +/- 2 hours of the current time
  3. If the time on your storage heater is out by more than 2 hours then you should contact us to arrange for a technician to call out.

See table below for example:

Storage heater time Actual time Difference Fault: Yes/No
18:00 19:30 1.5 hours No
18:00 20:30 2.5 hours Yes

If you need us to organise a technician to investigate any possible issues please contact us.

You will need to have the following to hand:

  • The time on the time switch
  • The actual time you noted it
  • Your name and contact number so ESB Networks can call to arrange a technician to call to your home
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