What is your meter reading policy?

Our meter reading

Your meter reading is used to calculate your bill so we need to make sure our meter reading policy is as transparent as possible.

Your meter

Your gas supply is measured by a meter that is installed and maintained by Gas Networks Ireland.

Your electricity supply is measured by a meter that is installed and maintained by ESB Networks.

Reading your meter

You receive six bills every year - one every two months*. There are four planned meter reads per year. So, four of your bills are based on actual readings providing the meter reader can access your meter. The remaining two are based on meter read estimates.

*Gas customers who use more than 73,000kWh per annum will receive a bill on a monthly basis.

Calculating your bill

Your energy usage is calculated based on meter readings provided by you, Gas Networks Ireland for gas supply and ESB Networks for electricity supply.

It can also be calculated on estimates (informed by previous usage where available). And if you want to avoid estimated bills, you can simply fill out our online form to adjust your meter reading.

Incorrect readings

If you submit an incorrect meter reading, don’t worry. We’ll simply make an adjustment on your next bill.

Unregistered usage

If we supply you with electricity and / or gas but your meter does not register it (due to a technical fault, unauthorised interference or some other reason), you‘ll have to pay an estimated amount based on previous usage. This will be comparable to what you would have paid if your meter had registered accurately.

Don’t hesitate to call 1850 372 372 if you have any questions about meter reading.

You can also submit a meter reading by using our online form.
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