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What kind of savings can I look forward to on a future bill from the Energy Efficiency Incentive?

The amount of energy efficiency credit awarded on your Electric Ireland gas or electricity bill is determined by the type of works the Energy Credit Partner has completed. Your installer will calculate the exact amount you will receive before they begin the works on your home.

How it works ...

  • The credit awarded has no monetary value and can only be used against your Electric Ireland bill. You cannot request this credit as a payment in cash.
  • Each credit qualifying measure (CQM) carried out on your home generates a certain number of CQM points. Electric Ireland is rewarding customers with €0.08 credit for each CQM point earned.
  • So, for example, basic attic insulation earns 1,300 CQM points equating to a €104 credit on your bill.

View a full list of the qualifying measures and associated credits to find out how much you can save on your Electric Ireland bill.

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