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What are the little changes I can do to make my home more energy efficient?

Sometimes, it’s all about those little changes you can make. Below, we’ve outlined eight easy steps you can take to make your home a little bit more energy-efficient.

  1. If your thermostat is set above 20ºC, turn it down. Lowering your thermostat by just 1ºC could reduce your heating bill by up to 10%*.
  2. Keep your curtains closed at night, even in empty rooms. By doing this you can reduce heat loss.
  3. Closing doors can help separate heated from unheated rooms. This means you won’t waste money heating rooms nobody is in.
  4. Turn the lights off when you leave a room.
  5. By switching your appliances off, rather than leaving them on standby you could reduce your energy spend on those appliances by up to 20%*.
  6. Make better use of your timers on your immersion/ boiler by being in more control of when your heating comes on and goes off. This can help you save energy.
  7. Replacing your bulbs with energy efficiency bulbs you could significantly reduce your lighting bill. And keep in mind that new energy efficiency bulbs can last up to 10* times longer than conventional bulbs.
  8. When purchasing appliances look for the energy rating label. Try to go for those with an ‘A’ rating as these are the most efficient.

*Savings and losses are calculated as per
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