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Information for Night Boost Customers experiencing an issue with Time Zone Configuration

Night Boost - Issue with the Time Zone Configuration

Issue with Home Electric+ NightBoost time zone configuration

When the Home Electric+ Nightboost tariff was built an incorrect time-zone setting was selected in the billing system, which meant that on the days the clock changed in March & October the billing was incorrect by one hour. This meant that in March customers were overcharged for one hour, as they were billed on the night rate instead of the lower ‘boost rate’ for any consumption during that hour. Conversely, in October customers were undercharged as they were billed on the lower ‘boost rate’ instead of the night rate for one hour.

Is this issue resolved?

Our technical team have identified a solution which will be implemented by the end of December.

How was the customer impacted?

There are approximately 22,000 customers impacted and some customers have been impacted by multiple incidents depending on how long they have been on the Home Electric+ Nightboost plan.

The average overcharge per customer in March is €0.06 and will be added as a credit adjustment on their bill.

The average undercharge per customer in October is €0.06, we will not be recouping this amount from the customer.

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