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Heating controls

Improving your heating controls can help you to match your heating and hot water needs to your working and living patterns. Without adequate heating controls, you could be using as much as 20%** too much energy.

Your heating systems should be split into at least two independently controlled “zones”.

1. Your "Space Heating Zones" (i.e. your radiators for heating your rooms) and
2. Your "Hot Water Zone" (your taps and your hot water).

This will allow you to heat your hot water without the need to turn on your home heating system. More zones can also be installed in larger homes to split upstairs from downstairs or living areas from bedrooms.

What are the typical heating controls that can save energy?

Room thermostat

Your room thermostats control the temperature of individual rooms. Wireless and programmable units are now available. These provide increased flexibility in the control of room heating. Wireless systems also eliminate visible wiring and are easier to install.

Cylinder thermostat

This provides simple control of the hot water temperature in your cylinder. It is commonly used with a motorised valve to provide close control of water temperature.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

A TRV is a thermostat that is attached to your radiator. It regulates the amount of heat going into the radiator, helping you to control the temperature of the room.

7-Day Programmable Timer

A 7-day programmable timer will allow you to set your heating system to match your living patterns on a daily and weekly basis. The separation of heating and hot water controls into different “zones” allows you to set each zone to heat your home for only the times that you need it.

Boiler Interlock

Boiler interlocking is a method of connecting your heating system controls with your boiler. This ensures that the boiler only operates when you need it.

In all, you should be able to reduce your energy usage by up to 20%** by installing easy-to-use heating controls in your home and using them correctly.

**Source SEAI. Savings and losses are calculated by SEAI Grants are subject to BER. For full details on SEAI grants visit

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