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Gas Boiler replacement, servicing, repairs and heating controls

Gas Boiler Servicing

Having your gas boiler serviced annually is an essential way to keep your central heating running safely and efficiently.

Not only does regular boiler servicing improve the safety of your boiler, it can also save you money. By making your gas boiler more efficient, you can save on your heating bills every year.

A regularly serviced boiler is safer, more efficient, and less likely to let you down.

A boiler service usually only takes about 45 minutes.

You should ensure that boiler work is carried out by RGII Approved Gas Installers, and is completed in compliance with all Irish Standards and Health and Safety regulations.

Getting your boiler serviced annually is a good way to reduce the risk of a carbon monoxide leak. And you can never put a price on safety.

Gas Boiler and Controls Upgrade

Now you can scrap your old boiler and controls for a new, more energy efficient boiler and heating controls. Replacing your old boiler and controls usually only takes one day.

Most boilers operate at a low efficiency. This means your heating bills are higher than they need to be, wasting you money. By replacing your current boiler and controls, you could save up to 25%** on your heating bills.

The typical cost of installing a high efficiency boiler and heating controls for a 3/4 bed semi detached house can vary. Our Home Services Team agents can give you an estimated quote. There is also a SEAI grant of up to €560** that you may be entitled to.

Gas Boiler Replacement

Old gas boilers waste energy and are costly to run, as a large portion of the heat is lost up the flue/chimney. The latest condensing boilers use fuel more efficiently, potentially saving you up to 20%** on your home heating bill.

If you have an old boiler its operational efficiency could be as low as 60%** efficiency. You can increase it to up to 90%* *by installing a new high efficiency condensing boiler. You may even find that you can comfortably install a smaller boiler, further reducing your fuel bills. There is a potential SEAI grant of up €400** to help with the works.

**Source SEAI. Savings and losses are calculated by SEAI Grants are subject to BER. For full details on SEAI grants visit
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