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Energy Efficiency Advice

Independent consumer advice

If you’re looking for independent advice, the following agencies can provide impartial help and assistance:

The Consumer’s Association of Ireland
Citizens Information
Money Advice and Budgeting Service
Saint Vincent de Paul

Energy agencies

The following agencies can provide more information about sustainability, generation and policies relating to energy in Ireland. For SME’s, you can contact your relevant representative body, for example ISME.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
Commission for Regulation of Utilities
International Energy Agency

Energy efficiency

For help on reduce your energy consumption by being more energy efficient, please refer to the following resources.

SEAI energy saving tips
CRU energy saving advice

Energy specifications for appliances

To find out how much electricity your appliances use, SEAI’s website.

Energy consumption Benchmarks

Property Type Annual Usage (Kwh) Annual Bill Bi-monthly Bill
1/2 bed apartment 2,100 €657 €110
1/ 2 bed apartment (all electric) 5,000 €1,202 €200
2 bed semi 3,000 €826 €138
3/4 bed semi 4,200 €1,052 €175
3/4 bed detatched 6,000 €1,390 €232
4/6 bed detached 8,000 €1,766 €294

To find out how your consumption compares to other homes in Ireland, visit SEAI's residential statistics.

Energy efficiency for Business Customers

To help you manage your energy usage and costs, Electric Ireland offer an online account portal for business customers, Business Online.

Business Online offers customers quick and easy access to their electricity or gas account, with options to view billing history, make payments, submit meter reads and access cost and consumption reports.

Once your SME business has been with us for nine months or more, you are eligible to access our complimentary energy efficiency tool, SME Premium Insights. Accessible through your Business Online portal, SME Premium Insights gives you further breakdown on your usage, providing you with behavioral and operational tips you can implement to reduce usage and costs.

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