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What is the PSO levy and how much is it?

What is the PSO levy?

The PSO (Public Service Obligation) levy is mandated by the Irish Government and approved by the European Commission. It is charged to all electricity customers in Ireland and supports the generation of electricity from sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

The levy is calculated and certified annually by the CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) in line with relevant legislation. All energy suppliers are required to collect this levy from customers through bills. For further information please visit

What are the current PSO levy rates for residential customers?

PSO Levy Rate (reduced effective rate as of 1st October 2021)

The new PSO levy changing October 1st 2021 will be €4.30 excl. VAT per month which equates to €51.60 excl. VAT (12 x €4.30) or €56.24 per year inclusive of VAT.

You will see the PSO Levy on your typical two-monthly bill as €8.60 (€4.30 x 2) + 9% VAT.

What are the current PSO levy rates for business customers?

The PSO rate charged to business customers is different. To view current PSO Levy rates applicable to business customers please see PSO Levy for Business.

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