How to know if your energy bill is accurate

Submit Your Meter Read

At Electric Ireland, we understand these are difficult times for our customers. One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is how to know if your bill is accurate.  

There are supports in place to help with understanding your energy bill and ensuring you have an accurate.  

Most of these involve submitting your own meter reading, and we’ve made it simpler than ever to to submit your read in a way that suits you best. 

Why you should submit a meter reading

If your meter is not read by a technician, and you don’t submit your own read, that means your bill is based on an estimated usage reading. Should you receive an estimated reading and you are unsure if it is accurate or not, we recommend submitting your accurate meter read within one week of receiving your bill. Electric Ireland, as your supplier, will then apply this submitted meter read to your next bill.  


Submitting a meter read online

To submit a meter reading for electricity or gas online, simply log in to Your Account Online. All you will need are your login details for Your Account Online and your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) or GPRN (Gas Point Reference Number) which you’ll find on your latest bill.  

Sign into Your Account Online  

Not registered? Sign up here 


Submitting a meter read by phone

To submit a meter reading for electricity or gas over the phone, simply call 1800 372 372. All you will need is your electricity meter reading, the name on your Electric Ireland bill and the account number on your bill.  

Submit a meter read by text

You can also text your electricity meter reading to 087 960 92 23. Simply send your reading in the format of your MPRN, followed by a space and then your meter reading. So, for example: 10009998888 31480  

It is important not to send us more than one reading a day, as this could delay your bill.  

Perhaps you would prefer to say goodbye to bills altogether. We have a Smarter Pay As You Go option for customers who want to pay for electricity as they use it. 

Smarter Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Say goodbye to bills and pay as you go instead. We will give you a clever in-home monitor that provides you with instant control of your electricity usage, so you pay for electricity and gas as you are using it.  

  • No more bills  

  • Text your in-home monitor to check your balance in real time  

  • Check your carbon emissions with your monitor  

  • Benefit both the environment and your pocket  

  • We install your in-home monitor for free  

  • We also give you €60 sign-up credit  

Electric Ireland customers can sign up to Smarter PAYG  

Switch to Electric Ireland and sign up to Smarter PAYG

Spread your bill amount equally over 12 months 

For a hassle-free billing option, you can spread your annual bill payments equally over 12 months, using our Equaliser option. You will pay the exact same amount of your electricity or gas bill every month through a fixed monthly direct debit payment, ensuring no more bill surprises.  

We will calculate your total electricity costs or total gas costs for the year, based on the following:  

  • Your previous electricity and/or gas usage  

  • Your electricity and/or gas price plan  

We will also include a 10% contingency to allow for any electricity and/or gas price changes, changes in weather or other factors. Your monthly payment is this total divided by 12.  

And it gets better. You have the exclusive option of a Payment Holiday for one month, meaning we will foot the cost of your bill for one whole month of your choosing. If you sign up to Equaliser, you will still receive your electricity and/or gas bill every 2 months, which will show your payments and the balance remaining on your bill.  

Electric Ireland customers can sign up to Equaliser  

Switch to Electric Ireland and sign up to Equaliser  


Take advantage of your smart meter 

If you have a smart meter installed, we have a Home Electric+ plan to suit every lifestyle.  

Home Electric+ helps you to better understand your electricity usage, use less electricity, receive bill prediction alerts and make more savings.  

  • No more estimated bills, you choose your billing date  

  • Personalised energy usage insights that help reduce your usage and carbon footprint  

  • Regular reviews, so you know you’re on the right plan (after 12 months)  

  • Cheaper electricity with off-peak price plans  

There are 4 Home Electric+ plans to choose from across electricity and dual fuel 

Home Electric+ helps you to better understand your energy usage, use less electricity and save money.  

Home Electric+ Night Boost offers a cheaper electricity rate at night, when you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) (11pm-8am) and a super cheap ‘boost’ period from 2am-4am.

Home Electric+ Weekender offers free electricity on Saturday or Sunday between 8am to 11pm.

Home Electric+ Standard Smart Tariff offers day/night/peak rates, flexibility to suit your schedule.  

Customers with smart meters can sign up a Home Electric+ plan here  

Switch to Electric Ireland   

Vulnerable customers 

If you are visually impaired, have hearing, speech or mobility issues or are dependent on medical equipment, you can register as a vulnerable customer by filling in this form and sending to the address provided.  

Electric Ireland continues to support our customers during these difficult times. If you are struggling financially, please reach out to us for support.  

For more information on Electric Ireland’s Flexible payment options visit


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