Powering Digital Evolution at Electric Ireland

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At Electric Ireland, digital excellence, led by the needs of our business customers, has been a core value for many years. Technology is also playing a leading role in enabling and delivering our transition to a low carbon future. From helping our customers to better understand their energy usage needs to enabling them to meet their billing requirements, digital and new technologies are a driving force for all our customer service.

Daphne Jones, B2B Digital Product Manager at Electric Ireland highlighted some key initiatives including:

  • SME Premium Insights Tool

SME Premium Insights is a first-to-market digital platform that enables Electric Ireland’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers to understand how they use energy in their business; whether they use more or less energy than competitors in their industry sector; as well as providing personalised tips as to how each customer can reduce their energy consumption.

SME Premium Insights is available through our Business Online portal. Simply log in to your Business Online account, select SME Premium Insights and let us start working for you.

  • Flexible Product Manager

The Flexible Product Manager is also a first-to-market digital platform that enables Electric Ireland’s larger electricity and gas customers with flexible power and gas contracts to manage their contracts.  The Electricity Framework, Electricity Gas Tracker, and the Daily Metered Gas customers can process trade requests and lock requests via the platform and can review their positions in their easily viewable trade history. 

The Flexible Product Manager is available through our Business Online portal for relevant customers and is only accessible through 2 Factor Authentication.

Log in today at electricireland.com/businessonline

The groundwork has been laid for many years for digital excellence at Electric Ireland. But the approach has always been to put the customer first and understand their needs. In working with customers, from SMEs to multinationals, towards our goal of a brighter energy future, Electric Ireland has developed more products to help them better understand their energy usage.

Daphne notes that the ways organisations interact with their energy use has changed dramatically in recent years: “When we went out and talked to business customers a few years ago, there were only about 2% of business customers who were interested in interacting with us digitally, so it has come a huge way in the last few years in terms of customer expectation of getting everything and interacting with everything online.”

Digital technologies have helped our customers, particularly in the business world, to adapt their energy needs to a new future which is climate focused. We have introduced tools such as Business Online and SME Premium Insights which help businesses determine both when they are using energy and how they can work to decrease this energy usage.

What we are seeing is increased demand from business customers, across all sectors to move towards digital services to meet their ever-changing needs. At Electric Ireland, we are looking forward to delivering for our customers, whatever their needs, for the years ahead.

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