Energy saving tips for hotels

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Sustainability has become a critical priority for businesses as they seek to improve their green credentials and reduce their carbon footprint. One of the most effective steps that a business can take is adapting their energy practices, and hotels and other accommodation providers are no different. Here at Electric Ireland, we’re doing our best to ensure our customers can save energy and money, by identifying tips that allow businesses to reduce energy consumption and save on their bills.

Speaking on sustainability initiatives in the hotel sector, Dermot McArdle, Head of Business Markets for Electric Ireland, said: “we are committed to helping our customers in the hotel industry to optimise their efficiency in energy use, because the cheapest and most sustainable unit of energy you will ever use will be the one you don’t consume. With our energy saving tips and the resources available in our Business Online Portal, Electric Ireland are constantly working on new initiatives that will help our customers to reduce their energy consumption and costs and increase their sustainability credentials".

Tips to reduce energy usage:

Here are our tips to help you get started on reducing your energy usage and cutting your costs:

Company-wide effort:

In order to be energy efficient across all areas of your business, energy saving initiatives need to be implemented as a company-wide effort that everyone can play a part in. The greater the buy-in from staff in every level and area of the building, the greater your cost savings will be. Create ownership within each team and grant these team leaders the authority to make decisions for their sector. Involve and engage everyone in the business – the more integrated sustainability is into your company culture, the more you’ll energy efficient you’ll be.

Understanding your bills and energy use:

Understanding your energy use is key to managing your consumption. Electric Ireland has established a number of useful tools to help our customers in this regard. Our SME Premium Insights tool includes features like End of Use breakdowns, that shows customers which appliances are using the most electricity and costing them the most. Our Peer-to-Peer comparison feature offered by Premium Insights also gives you an overview of your energy usage and costs compared to others in the hotel sector. The tool also offers personalised electricity saving tips, that tailored to your business’ requirements.

To ensure the most accurate energy and cost saving calculations, update your SME Premium Insights profile to give as much company detail as possible – this will ensure that your energy saving tips are most accurately tailored to your needs.

Operational Changes and upgrades:

Assess electrical equipment usage patterns in the premises. Review all activities that use electricity.  Can any electrical equipment be reduced or changed to night-time usage?

Conduct energy audits – lighting/equipment/heating – identify your heavy use areas, and then speak to your provider and suppliers to see if there are cost saving tariffs and products available.

Ensure that your equipment is regularly serviced, and upgrade older models – for example, older boilers can be replaced with far most energy and cost-efficient condensing boilers. Optimise your use by linking heating controls to your booking system. Decouple fresh air requirement from heating requirement.

By keeping regular track of your usage reports and bills, you’ll be able to identify what changes in behaviour are the most effective at minimising usage and costs.


Lighting accounts for up to 40% of the average electricity bill.

Energy-saving lamps are 80% cheaper to use, last twice as long and provide the same light output, so it’s worth investing the upfront cost to upgrade all of your lights. Given the high volume of light fittings in a hotel, these changes will have an immediate impact on your usage.  

In addition, you can fit daylight controls and use movement sensors – an empty room does not need to be lit.

Light can also be an energy source. It’s worth looking into solar PV installation and grant options to see if generating your own electricity is an option for cost saving and increasing your sustainability.

There’s no single solution to cutting energy costs for a hotel. However, understanding your usage sets you up for a good start. By signing up to our Business Online portal, you’ll have access to a record and breakdown of previous months’ bills, and the ability to submit meter readings to ensure more accurate billing. In addition, you’ll have access to our new Premium Insights tool, which includes features like End of Use breakdowns, the Peer-to-Peer comparison feature, and personalised electricity saving tips, tailored to your business’ requirements.

Understanding your usage is key to becoming more sustainable as a business, and that’s what these tools empower you to do. Sign up for Business Online today.