WATCH: Our SME Premium Insights tool explained

SME Premium Insights

With Electric Ireland’s SME Premium Insights tool, customers can receive personalised insights to help them manage their energy usage and costs.

Available to SME customers, the Premium Insights tool includes many cost saving features like End Use breakdown, that shows customers which appliances are using the most electricity and costing them the most.  Other features like Peer-to-Peer comparison gives customers an overview of their energy usage and costs compared to others in their sector, as well as personalised electricity saving tips, tailored to each business’ requirements.

SME Premium Insights is available to all* Electric Ireland SME customers and can be accessed simply through their business account on the Business Online portal. To ensure the most accurate energy and cost saving calculations, customers should update their profile to give as much company detail as possible.

The SME Premium Insights tool is the latest in a series of ongoing initiatives by Electric Ireland to ensure that our customers are fully equipped to maximise their savings on electricity costs and usage and help them to reduce their emissions.

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*SME Premium Insights is available for all SME customers 9 months after onboard