What is a Smart Meter and when will it be installed?

Smart meters are the next generation of electricity meters. Using digital technology, the meters give consumers and suppliers accurate information on energy usage throughout the day. Similar digital meters are being rolled out across Europe and internationally. By 2020 it is expected that over 700 million smart meters will be installed globally. When fully operational, smart meters will bring benefits to the consumer, the environment and the economy.

With smart meters, there will be no need for estimated bills. Businesses will be able to access the information they need to make more informed choices about their consumption and the best tariff option for them. Accurate information about energy usage across the day will allow businesses to manage their bills with greater accuracy.

The economy will benefit because using smart meters will help us to more efficiently manage energy flow at times of high demand. They will also enhance competition and improve consumer experience, customer choice and the range of products and services available to customers.

When will the replacement programme be completed?

Starting in the autumn of 2019, our plan is to replace 250,000 meters between autumn 2019 and the end of 2020 and a further 500,000 meters every year from 2021 to 2024.

From 2021, you will have a choice to be provided with more accurate information about energy usage across the day to allow you to better manage your bills with greater accuracy than at present.

For more information on smart meters and smarter services go to the Electric Ireland Smart Meters page.

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