Our electrical safety recommendations

Our safety recommendations

The following information is intended as a general guide only to electrical safety in the workplace. For more detailed information please refer to Electricity in the workplace on the HSA website.

How to keep your employees safe

  • Motivate and encourage your staff to be conscious of electrical safety
  • Make them aware of your company's safety statement so they know their obligations
  • Ensure they know where all emergency switches and isolating devices are located
  • Provide safety training for those using electrical equipment
  • Provide First Aid and CPR training in case of an electric shock accident
  • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment and train them to properly use and maintain it

Safety procedures in your workplace

  • Put procedures in place to ensure the safety of your staff, your electrical installation and the equipment connected to it
  • Keep an up-to-date record of your electrical installation
  • Update your safety statement when new equipment is installed
  • Your electrical installation Must comply with the Electro Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) wiring regulations
  • All electrical installation and maintenance work must be carried out by a competent and qualified person

‘Switch’ rooms and safety

  • Switch rooms must be kept free and clear at all times - never use as storage space
  • Keep doors and covers to distribution and fuse boards securely closed
  • Access to the boards must be kept free and clear at all times.
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