Gas safety and your business

When you are carrying out work at or in your business, you should never attempt to work on gas appliances yourself. And you should always be sure to hire a Registered Gas Installer.

When it comes to gas safety and your business, keep in mind the following three issues:

  1. If you are extending or modifying your premises, it’s crucial that you always seek professional advice on ventilation requirements for any gas appliance located in that space.
  2. You need to ensure that installation is in accordance with the Non-Domestic Gas Installation Standard IS 820:2000.
  3. You should never dig the ground around your business premises without checking the location of any gas pipelines. And you should take care that you don't snag any pipelines when digging.

If you damage your gas service pipeline in any way contact the Gas Networks Ireland’s 24 Hour Emergency Line 1800 205 050.

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