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Electric Ireland is dedicated to supporting customers on their sustainability journey. We’ve partnered with DCSix Technologies to introduce Wattrics to our business customers so they can discover ways to save on their electricity bills and reduce their environmental impact.

Introducing Wattrics

Wattrics is an energy efficiency tool that helps businesses to reduce their energy usage and costs by measuring and analysing their electrical usage data.

Wattrics enables customers to understand their energy usage with real-time energy audits and feasibility studies. This information helps businesses to discover opportunities to reduce energy usage and build awareness about energy efficiency.

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How does it work?

Wattrics measures your power consumption in both real and reactive terms with sensors that are installed in your distribution board. The sensors then send your electrical usage data to the cloud to be stored in a secure database.

Once your data has reached the database, a cost breakdown on a per-circuit basis is performed. You can see your usage translated into real-time carbon emissions, based on the carbon intensity of the energy you use. All of your information can be securely managed on Wattric’s customisable web platform, that’s also available on mobile.

Why Wattrics?

The good news is that you don’t have to be an energy expert to use Wattrics. Its digital platform offers clear and concise reporting in a way that makes sense to you. The dashboards break down the cost of your processes per minute, hour or day, allowing you to make financial and business decisions about your energy use quickly and easily.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

Wattrics key features include:

  • Continuous monitoring, even when the internet connection goes down
  • Automatic, over-the-air, firmware updates - no need to connect to a PC
  • Inexpensive, accurate and reliable testing, designed with businesses in mind

Wattrics allows businesses to be fully informed in their energy decisions, demystifying renewable technology and making energy saving accessible and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wattrics?

Wattrics is a low-cost, easily-installed energy monitoring tool that measures and analyses electrical usage and helps businesses to reduce their energy costs.

This will help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

How does Wattrics work?

The Wattrics device connects up to 14 current transformers (CTs), which clip around the cables coming from the trip switches and RCBs on your business’s electrical distribution board. The transformed current from the CTs is safely transferred to the Wattrics device. Our Voltage Transformer (VT) then takes a reference voltage from a spare socket within your business. With these measurements, Wattrics calculates power in both real and reactive terms. Your electrical usage data is then securely forwarded to the cloud and stored in a designated database. This is accessible via a fully customisable web interface. From there, a cost breakdown on a per-circuit basis is performed, providing extensive insights into your energy usage. Energy consumption is also transformed into real-time carbon emissions data based on the carbon intensity of the energy you use.

Do I need to switch off my power to install Wattrics?

No. While the installation and measurement take place, there’s no need to switch off the power. Wattrics works behind the scenes to get a comprehensive view of your energy consumption.

How can Wattrics help with my energy costs?

Wattrics helps businesses to get a granular understanding of their energy use and how it impacts the environment. The data it collects helps to provide context to customers about their energy usage, the carbon implications of their business’s actions, and the options they have to lower consumption, reduce costs and have their business run more efficiently. It makes business decisions about energy usage quicker and easier, as the data is easily accessible and understandable at a glance.

What are the installation steps?

Once you decide to install Wattrics, the process is as follows.

1. A DCSix Technologies representative will meet you and appraise your business site, with virtual appraisal options also available

2. The DCSix Technologies representative will talk with you to get to know your business needs, and present some options around monitoring your energy usage using Wattrics

3. Once you’ve settled on a date and time for installation, an electrician will spend about an hour installing the Wattrics device

Can I find my own electrician to install Wattrics?

Yes, of course. DCSix Technologies has their own contractors available, but if you’d prefer, you can contact a local electrician that you’re more comfortable with.

Where can I find more information about business support?

If you’re a business that’s struggling with rising energy costs, you can visit Electric Ireland’s Business Support Hub to find useful resources to understand your usage. You can also contact our Business Customer Support Team to talk about your account in more detail.