SME Energy Credits Programme

SME Energy Credits

Energy Credits Programme

Electric Ireland’s Energy Credits Programme is just another simple idea to make your business better. As your energy partner, we can offer you real, valuable support by rewarding your business for being energy efficient.

Earn an energy rebate off your Electric Ireland bill by submitting Energy Efficiency projects

Reduce consumption by as much as 25%* by undertaking projects such as retrofit lighting, heating or refrigeration

Electric Ireland SME customers can claim a rebate for an energy efficiency project completed in the last 12 months

Do not need to use any designated suppliers, use the contractor your familiar with

If you need advice on your energy efficiency project, you can contact our experts

Case Study


One of Electric Ireland’s loyal customer’s recently completed an energy retrofit of one of their city centre retail outlets. This customer engaged with Electric Ireland and sought advice on refrigeration, deli equipment and lighting. Having completed some of the recommended actions, the customer has a brighter, more efficient shop and has reduced running cost by almost 50%. They were able to avail of a bonus from Electric Ireland to reduce their total investment by 20%.

  • Submit your energy efficiency project

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can the Energy Credits Programme work for my Business?

An Energy Efficiency project can be on a small or a large scale. For example, a typical lighting project, such as replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lamps, might cost a business €10,000. The projected energy savings on this would be €4,000 / 25,000kWhs per year plus additional maintenance/servicing savings, as LED bulbs have extremely long lives and low failure rates.

Electric Ireland can then submit the project to SEAI on behalf of our customer. Once this is approved by the SEAI, we will give our customer an energy rebate. In the example above, we gave our customer a €1,750 deduction on their energy bill, which helped reduce the payback down to approx. two years.

2. How much can I save?

For example, a typical lighting project, replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lamps, might cost a business 10,000 Euros in total, with projected energy savings of 25,000 kWhs/4,000 Euros per year (plus additional maintenance/servicing savings as LED bulbs have extremely long lives and low failure rates). Electric Ireland can submit that project to SEAI on the customer’s behalf and, once approved by SEAI, give the customer a bonus of 1,750 Euros. This would reduce the payback to around 2 years.

3. Can I use my own contractors or suppliers?

Yes, we don't have any restrictions and you can use your own contractors and suppliers for energy efficient technologies.

4. Can I apply if I already completed the work?

If you’ve already completed the work in the last 12 months, as a loyal customer of Electric Ireland we’ll work with you to still claim your bonus. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to process your project.

If you need any guidance or advice, please contact us at