SME Premium Insights

SME Premium Insights

A simple way to understand your business’ energy costs

With SME Premium Insights, your business can now receive the personalised insights you need to manage your energy usage. By implementing your personalised energy efficiency recommendations, you could save on your annual energy costs.

SME Premium Insights can be found within your Business Online account – giving you access to the information that matters most under one roof. Log in today to get started.

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What SME Premium Insights can do for your business

Compare your costs and see which operational factors affect your energy cost by using SME Premium Insights through Electric Ireland's Business Online

Cost Comparison

Comparing costs allows you to understand which operational factors in your business are influencing your bill. Understanding the impact of these factors mean you can now manage your energy more efficiently.

End Use Breakdown

Our end-user chart provides a clear breakdown of your energy use such as refrigeration, lighting, office equipment etc. helping you understand where and how you use your energy, helping you gain the right level of control.

See a dynamic breakdown of your energy usage using SME Premium Insights through Electric Ireland's Business Online

Compare your Businesses Energy usage against similar business types using SME Premium Insights through Electric Ireland's Business Online

Peer Comparison

Our peer-to-peer comparison feature shows how your consumption and costs compare to other businesses similar to yours – giving you that all important competitive edge.

Energy Savings tips

Since we want to help your business make savings where it matters, SME Premium Insights can provide you with personalised recommendations on how to optimise your energy usage and reduce your energy costs, now and in the future.

Receive helpful energy saving tips specific to your business inside SME Premium Insights through Electric Ireland's Business Online

Monitor and control your energy usage with SME Premium Insights through Electric Ireland's Business Online

Operating Schedule

For customers who rely on interval data reads, users can now monitor and control energy usage.

What else do I need to know?

How do I access SME Premium Insights?

SME Premium Insights is accessible through Business Online, meaning you can use the same username and password for SME Premium Insights as you do for Business Online.

How does the peer comparison work?

The peer comparison tool plots your premises’ usage against the average of a group of similar businesses, comparable to your site in terms of size of operation, industry sector and region.

How have you calculated my potential savings?

To calculate any potential savings for your business we’ll look at the most common uses of energy based on industry. For example, refrigeration will use a much higher percentage of energy at a supermarket compared to an office, even if the buildings are a similar size. We use the data from industry to work out the percentage saving that could be made through certain energy efficiency measures. Using energy prices, we use these percentages to suggest how much your business could save if you proceed to take each energy efficiency step.

What will make the comparisons/analysis more relevant and accurate for my business?

The more questions you answer in your profile, the more accurate the analysis and recommendations will be.

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