Why Q-Park are more than happy to stay with Electric Ireland

Q-Park is Ireland’s leading off-street car park operator, synonymous with providing unrivalled parking quality and service excellence to their customers. They own and manage over 30 car parks throughout the island of Ireland with facilities in major cities including Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork and Limerick.

Q Park

We spoke to Dave Vavasour Technical Service Manager at Q-Park to get an insight into his experience with the Electric Ireland Business team.

Q1: How important was it for you to find the right energy supplier for your business?

Dave: Extremely important. From an energy point of view, electricity usage accounts for almost 85% of our utility costs due to the amount of lighting we use in our car parks.

Q2: Why did you choose Electric Ireland as your commercial energy supplier for your business?

Dave: 7 years ago, we were looking around at different energy suppliers and Electric Ireland came out on top. Three years later we renewed our contract purely based on the service level – it’s extremely good. The customer service is always seamless and from a finance side of things handling the accounts is always hassle-free so that’s always a plus.

Q3: What is the best thing about Electric Ireland for your business?

Dave: Well number one is that they are a stable electricity supplier. We have had very little interruption to our electricity supply over the years and that’s key in our eyes. Then from a billing point of view the payment process is seamless. Business Online is great as it allows us to check our usage – which is also really handy.

Q4: You mentioned there that you use the Electric Ireland’s Business Online portal, do u find that to be a vital part of the service offering?

Dave: Absolutely. 100%. It’s so user friendly and the information we get from it is really good.

Q5: So you’ve never been tempted to move to another energy supplier? Do you compare other supplier’s commercial price offerings?

Dave: We do get contacted on a regular basis, with various quotes, but we don’t get tempted to switch. The level of customers service is great and the price is good and we are more than happy to stay with Electric Ireland

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