Wattrics – Energy monitoring to help you reduce energy bills, while educating and empowering you on your sustainability journey

Electric Ireland is dedicated to supporting customers in their sustainability journey, and with that we’re delighted to now be partnered with DCSix Technologies. 

Wattrics, created by DCSix Technologies, assists businesses with energy efficiency efforts by helping them to find opportunities to:
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Reduce Costs
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Carry out energy audits
  • Create alerts 
  • Build energy awareness.

How does it work?

Wattrics measures the real and reactive power, flowing through up to 14 individual circuits, using sensors that clip around one of the insulated wires in your distribution board. This means that there is no need to switch off the power during the installation. 

Electrical usage data is securely forwarded to the cloud and stored in a designated database. This is accessible via a fully customisable web interface. From there a cost breakdown on a per circuit basis is performed, providing extensive insights into:

  • Your energy usage
  • Real-time carbon emissions data based on the carbon intensity of the energy you use
  • The cost of running different parts of your business

Why Wattrics?

Wattrics has key features that sets it apart:

  • Continuous monitoring, even when internet connection goes down.
  • It supports automatic, over the air, firmware updates, so no need to connect it to a PC to avail of the latest firmware.
  • Clear and concise reporting, presenting energy in a format that makes sense to you. Your dashboards clearly break out the cost of your processes per minute, hour or day allowing you to make financial and business decisions without having to learn about the intricacies of energy. Wattrics allows you to be informed in your energy decisions going forward and demystifies decisions for renewable technologies into the future.

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