UCD Business Breakfast: Winter 2019

December 5th saw the latest edition of the UCD Business Breakfast in association with Electric Ireland, the The Marker Hotel. Now in it's 18th year, this programme sees a team from the Marketing Development programme at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School organise and run a networking event with support from Electric Ireland. The event is run twice a year and allows the masters students to operate as Marketing Advisors and gain real experience through client management, project management, market research and event management.
The theme for the Winter 2019 event was “2020’s - A Decade of Opportunity: Synchronising Growth & Responsibility”. At the start of a new decade, the team were keen to explore the challenges and opportunities open to Irish companies and consumers in the area of sustainability and corporate social responsibility through a panel discussion hosted by Conall O’Morain Chair of the Irish International Business Network.
The panel consisted of; 
Claire Bergin, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Deloitte Ireland,
Garrett Murray, National Director for Horizon 2020 at Enterprise Ireland,
Fiona Sweeney, Strategic Marketing Director End Use Markets, Europe & Russia at the KerryGroup.

The audience included a wide range of business leaders from a variety of sectors; hospitality, media, telecoms and tech among them. Along with a fine breakfast, they were treat to a lively debate from our panel. Topics ranged from the balance between corporate objectives and corporate responsibilities, the impact of an increasingly conscientious workforce on recruitment and the need for transparency across all sectors when it comes to CSR and how the considerations of Ireland's workforce could evolve over the next ten years. 

By 9:15 another successful edition of the UCD Business Breakfast was brought to a close. We look forward to our Summer and Winter events in 2020 and the continued partnership with the UCD Marketing Development programme.