Harvey’s Point Hotel’s success is built on customer trust

Harvey's Point Hotel, the family-run business located in picturesque Donegal, has built its reputation on world-class hospitality and a personal touch. Awarded Ireland’s No.1 reviewed Trip Advisor hotel five years running, Harvey’s Point is a premium must-visit destination in its own right.

Harveys Point Hotels success is built on customer trust

At the helm is hotel owner and Electric Ireland business customer, Deirdre McGlone who embodies this dedicated approach to service. We ask what she attributes to retaining the accolade as one of the most highly recommended hotels in Ireland and Europe.

“I think because we’re a family hotel which is focused on what our customers want, we strive to deliver that firstly. I believe it’s all about superb hotel keeping and genuine Irish hospitality blended together.” 

Deirdre delights in talking passionately about the guests who stay at Harvey’s Point and their genuine love affair with the place. 

“Over time we’ve had so many guests coming back to celebrate major life milestones; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. We’ve even seen different generations come to stay and when they return we just welcome them like family, or good old friends!”

We ask Deirdre to explain how she’s built such an incredible relationship with her customers.

“The quality for our guests has to be in everything we do. It’s not textbook customer care, it comes easily and is natural. That comes across from the whole team; we all have to have the same passion for Harvey’s Point.”

While awards are key to building the hotel’s reputation and success, it’s obvious from speaking to Deirdre that she holds customer trust of greater importance than accolades. Does she believe that trust can only be built up after many years of longevity in such a competitive industry? 

“I definitely believe so. A family business is still just a business. We have to be organised and trust our staff to deliver the same standard we did when we were a smaller hotel. So that’s one element of trust. As a result of this, we trust our guests will have a great time.”

Deirdre exudes passion when she describes the hotel’s philosophy around giving guests that unforgettable experience. 

“We just think about what the guests want, it’s that simple! What do guests want when they visit Harvey’s Point? They want a comfortable bed, some peace and quiet and a stroll around a beautiful lake with stunning scenery. They want good food but they also want to be pampered and to feel at home in the surroundings. We also want to ensure our guests feel that they are in the lap of luxury at all times”. 

Deirdre is known for her warm personal style and ensures all guests feel welcome during their stay. It’s an approach that requires high energy and a relentless drive to provide unmatched service. That energy is matched by Deirdre’s husband and children who support her in running this family business, as well as having a passionate team of staff who strive for perfection every day. A theme of energy consumption runs across the business, even when we turn to discuss the hotel’s customer relationship with Electric Ireland. 

“There’s an element of being green and environmental but at the end of the day, we are running this big sprawling hotel so it’s a big cost to us. We want all the lights on but we want to also make sure there’s an awareness among the staff as to when lights need to be switched off too. I know the impact that the lights make right across the hotel and the grounds. Lights and electricity, to me, symbolise that Harvey’s Point is open and welcoming".

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