Announcing our new 100% Green Tariff for SMEs

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At Electric Ireland, we understand how important sustainability is to our customers, and to theirs. That's why we have created a new 100% Green Tariff for our SME customers in Ireland.

With over 95,000 customers, we support all businesses, helping you save time and energy. In 2019, we supplied businesses with 2.2 TerrWatt hours of Green energy, the equivalent amount of electricity would power 523,000 homes. With this new tariff, we have committed to supply more green energy than ever before to our business customers.

Manage your energy usage

We’re dedicated in helping our customers to manage their energy usage efficiently through initiatives like offering green electricity and through our advice and data services, like SME Premium Insights. Available to all Electric Ireland business customers, SME Premium Insights offers personalised energy efficiency recommendations to help businesses reduce their energy costs and cut carbon emissions.

We are committed to helping 1.1 million home and business customers to make changes for a brighter energy future. With our new 100% Green Tariff for SME customers, making one of those changes is easier than ever.

Join thousands of SME’s with Ireland’s largest energy provider

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