Gas Daily Metered

Gas Daily Metered

Products for Large Energy Users

The Flexibility to trade gas in advance

Trade as often as you like for any of the applicable contract periods

Large energy users on our retail gas product have the flexibility to trade volumes of gas for any relevant month, quarter, season or year in advance, to fix the price. Customers can trade as often as they like for any of these applicable contract periods. Any gas which has not been traded prior to delivery will be charged at the day ahead price.

As the largest purchaser of gas into Ireland, we can optimise our portfolio to offer the optimum price for our customers. Customers also have direct access to our experienced energy trading team.

Customers managing flexible contracts need access to the latest market data to enable quick decision-making in response to changes in external environments. For this reason we issue daily, weekly and bi-monthly reports, which detail price movements in commodities and provide commentary on wholesale gas, currency and carbon markets.


Can take advantage of downward movement in the market
Can minimise exposure during periods of volatility


Exposure to movements in commodity market
No budget certainty

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