Electricity Flexible Gas Tracker

Electricity Flexible Gas Tracker

Products for Large Energy Users

Manage your electricity costs by trading volumes of gas and carbon

Our Flexible Gas Tracker product provides dynamic trading options to customers, allowing you to react to upward or downward movements in gas, carbon and currency markets. It is the most flexible electricity product on the market.

The contract is based on a charge for converting the gas and carbon to electricity in a euro per MWh format. – This is called a “Conversion Charge”.

Volumes of gas and carbon are charged at the traded rates and balancing volumes of gas and carbon are priced at the applicable commodity rates for the day.

Regulatory charges, as determined by CRU, are passed through, at cost, as they change. Bills are based on Conversion Charge, Gas Charge, Carbon Charge and pass through charges.


Can take advantage of downward movement in the market
Can minimise exposure during periods of volatility


Exposure to movements in commodity market
No budget certainty

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