Electricity and Gas Products

For Large Energy Users

Energy products tailored for your business needs

Whether you are looking for long-term security and budgetary certainty or would rather have the flexibility to respond to changes in your business, we have an energy product to meet your needs.

Business Electricity Fixed

Electricity Fixed Price

This product is designed to give your business a high degree of budgetary certainty. We can fix your energy unit rates for up to three years, so your energy charges remain unchanged regardless of what happens in external environments.
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Electricity Flexible Framework

Our Flexible Framework product allows you to react to changes in external environments throughout the term of your contract. It gives you the option to lock energy rates periodically, based on movements in gas, carbon and currency markets.
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Electricity Flexible Framework

Business Electricity Flexible Gas Tracker

Electricity Flexible Gas Tracker

Our Flexible Gas Tracker offers complete flexibility to manage your electricity costs. This product provides dynamic trading options, allowing you to react to upward or downward movements in gas, carbon and currency markets. It is the most flexible electricity product on the market.
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Business Electricity Market Tracker

This product tracks the actual wholesale electricity market energy prices, every half-hour, every day of the month. The benefit of this product is that customers always pay the prevailing market rates for their electricity and are never locked into fixed prices for any period of their contract.
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Pool Price Pass Through


Gas Daily Metered

Large energy users on our retail gas product have the flexibility to trade volumes of gas for any relevant month, quarter, season or year in order to fix the price. Customers can trade as often as they like for any of these applicable contract periods.
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