Pay As You Go Electricity

Pay As You Go Electricity Terms & Conditions

Valid as at 12th May 2014 until further notice


‘Budget Controller’ means the budget controller supplied and installed by us for the purpose of recording payments for electricity consumption and disconnecting your supply if payments are not made.

‘PAYG payment card’ means the card provided to allow you to Top Up you PAYG Meter/ Budget Controller.

‘Top Up’ means payments made by you at any Paypoint/ Payzone outlet or online.

‘Equipment’ means the PPP Equipment and any other Equipment.

‘Keypad Unit’ means the keypad unit provided by Electric Ireland along with the PAYG meter/Budget Controller to assist in recording payments and viewing Units.

‘PPP Equipment’ means the PAYG meter/ Budget Controller and Keypad Unit.


  • Pay As You Go Meter /Budget controller will be used for budgeting purposes, to purchase electricity in advance, similar to pay as you go mobile phone payment arrangements .It can also be used to pay off arrears.
  • We will only arrange for the installation of a Pay As You Go Meter /Budget Controller if it is safe and practical to do so.
  • We will provide you with your Pay As You Go payment card. This card contains your unique Pay As You Go customer number , which you will need to make top up payments , at any Paypoint or Payzone outlet to your individual Pay As You Go meter /Budget Controller only.
  • You will receive a minimum of one and a maximum of 3 statements of account per year , except for customers who are in receipt of Free Electricity Allowance who will continue to receive bi- monthly bills as normal.
  • We have the right to investigate where we have reason to believe that a Pay As You Go meter/budget Controller is not accurately reflecting a customers usage. Should a reconciliation show any under/overcharge your account will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The PAYG meter/Budget Controller that has been installed in your home is an electrical device and is extremely dangerous if tampered with. This device, and any wires leading to or from the meter should not be tampered with.

Should your PAYG meter/Budget Controller, or any of the wires connected to it, become faulty, dislodged or damaged, please contact our call centre on 1800 372 787 to report the fault between 8AM and 8PM, outside of these hours please contact us at 1800 30 50 95.

Do not allow any person to touch the meter or the wires. Electric Ireland or its representatives will not be held accountable in the event of accidental injury or damage arising from failure to adhere to the above.


  • It is your responsibility to make sure you Top Up adequately to maintain supply to your property.
  • If you are not satisfied that you can do so, then our prepayment service may not be suited to your needs for example, if you are critically ill and reliant on medical equipment that requires a constant supply of electricity, you must ensure at all times that you have sufficient top up to maintain your electricity supply.
  • While we do supply emergency credit on the meter you should always keep the meter in credit . For example if you are away from home for a number of days , the daily standing charge will be taken from the meter along with any usage . If your credit runs out your appliances will switch off e.g. your freezer . In this case we will not accept any liability .
  • You hereby confirm that you have obtained all appropriate consents, permissions and authorisations from your landlord where relevant in order to grant to us all rights required by us in order to supply electricity to you, including, without limitation to inspect, read, install, cooperate, test, calibrate, replace, maintain, repair, renew, remove and disconnect the PPP Equipment at the Premises.
  • You must allow Electric Ireland authorised personnel, agents or contractors entry to the premises for the purposes of readings , inspecting , withdrawal or reinstatement of supply , or removing the Pay As You Go Meter /Budget Controller for all other purposes in connection with providing electricity. Such entry is to be permitted at all reasonable times and at any time in case of emergency.
  • You must not interfere or allow any interference with the meter whether it is for repair of any other purpose . Contact us promptly of any defect in the meter or of any alteration or attention is required.
  • You must allow us to remove all PPP equipment should you no longer wish to use the Budget Controller. There may be an exit fee to remove the Budget controller. If any PPP Equipment is returned to us other than in a clean and marketable condition, we may charge you for the cost of fixing the PPP Equipment or otherwise restoring the PPP Equipment to a clean and marketable condition.
  • When you use a PAYG meter /Budget Controller , it is your responsibility to keep your PAYG payment card clean , safe and free from damage. Charges for replacement cards , Keypad units or PAYG meters/ Budget Controllers may apply.
  • We are not responsible for any faults or problems with any other equipment.