How to read your electricity meter

Reading a revolving disc meter

Standard Meter

Make a note of the number, reading from left to right. You should ignore figures in red or those surrounded by a red box.

Keep in mind that if you have night storage heaters, you will have two of these meters.
Standard Meter

Day and night meter

You’ll notice that these meters may have numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’ or the roman numerals ‘I’ and ‘II’ beside each register. These refer to Night and Day respectively.

The night charges apply between 11 p.m. and 8.a.m. (wintertime) and between midnight and 9.a.m. (summertime)
Day and night meter

Wattless meter

This type differs from a standard meter or ‘day and night meter’ by having 'KVArh' written near the register
Watless meter

Reading a digital meter

Standard Meter

You should read the numbers from left to right and please ignore any figures to the right of the decimal place.

The display automatically changes every 9 seconds to show you 20 different types of meter readings. You should take readings as follows:

  • Screen 9: Normal (or Day)
  • Screen 10: Night
  • Screen 11: Wattless

Standard meter


The display on this meter automatically changes every six seconds to show you 13 different types of meter readings.

General purpose and nightsaver customers should take readings from …

  • Screen 11: Night
  • Screen 12: Normal (or Day)
  • Screen 13: Wattless

Please note that Maximum Demand customers cannot take readings from this meter.

Take a look at our meter reading video to help you get started.


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