Outdoor Lighting Guidelines

There are four main areas to be considered when it comes to designing and specifying external lighting:

  1. Customer Safety:

    In order to allow your customers safely enter and leave the property, you must provide adequate, uniform and glare-free lighting.

  2. Property Security:

    Artificial lighting is an essential part of providing security for your property. If CCTV is being used, then light colour, light levels, and energy efficiency need to be carefully considered together.

  3. The Electrical Installation:

    External light fittings, by their nature, are located in a hazardous environment and they may be subject to wind, rain and mechanical damage. Regulations apply to both light fittings and electrical installation. All electrical work must be carried out by a registered electrical contractor.

  4. Long Operating Hours:

    Every day, external lighting will normally be switched on at dusk and off when the office closes or at the latest, dawn the following morning. It is essential to choose the most energy efficient light source and to install automatic controls to switch on and off lighting as required. Do not use halogen lamps for external lighting.
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