Making your business more energy efficient

Energy Savings

Most businesses could use less energy and make significant savings by making a few simple changes. This section will help you get started by focusing on general housekeeping tips that will apply to almost every business. Read more

Air conditioning and air handling

Air conditioning and air handling are often used as a means to maintain set temperatures in industry and as a means to maintain comfortable conditions in offices and other areas. However, alternatives should be considered before this more expensive option is adopted. Read more

Compressed air

Compressed air systems account for some 10% of all industrial electrical power consumption. It is versatile and clean to use. It can be stored and does not pose a health or fire hazard and is the most common utility found in industry today. Read more

Cooling water systems

Cooling water systems represent a relatively inexpensive and dependable means of removing low grade heat from processes as opposed to the more expensive options available such as artificial cooling using electric or absorption chillers. Read more

Effluent treatment

The various stages in the manufacturing processes invariably produce unwanted by-products in the form of waste effluent streams of various concentrations and pollution potential. Solid wastes and gas wastes may also be produced. Read more

High temperature cooling

High temperature cooling is the cooling of a product or place that is initially above 10°C and normally below ambient temperatures. This form of chilling provides cooling used for air conditioning applications and some industrial cooling systems, as well as high temperature cooling chillers for process cooling. Read more


Lighting systems offer extraordinary opportunities for cost effective energy savings. In addition, many strategies for reducing lighting energy use can often improve the working environment and increase productivity as a result. Read more

Low temperature cooling

Low temperature cooling is the cooling of a process or area that is initially below 10°C to a lower temperature. This form of cooling provides cooling used for many industrial processes and also for cold storage applications. Read more

Motor and drives

Over half of all electrical energy consumed in Ireland is used by electric motors. Improving the efficiency of electric motors and the equipment they drive can save energy, reduce operating costs, and improve productivity. Read more


Check your equipment for anything that may prevent it running efficiently, such as gas leakage, ice build-up or damaged door seals.

If possible, leave products to pre-cool before going in the fridge or freezer.

Monitoring and tracking

Monitoring and tracking an energy management system can help provide both energy information and the incentive to attain lower levels of energy use.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it! Most companies could reduce their energy costs by up to 30% by implementing cost-effective energy efficiency measures ranging from turning off lights in empty offices to switching off idling motors and more.
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