Gas Boiler maintenance

Why boiler maintenance is important

You can achieve significant energy savings, often as much as 10-15%, from your heating system through simple maintenance. In particular, your boiler should be serviced annually and then checked regularly between services to ensure that they continue to operate safely and efficiently.

What you should look for:

There are some common signs that may indicate that your boiler is either unsafe or inefficient and in need of attention by a qualified service technician.

You should carry out the following at regular intervals. Check for:

  • Warning lights or a smell of gas as this may indicate a possible and potentially serious safety problem.
  • Water leaks around the boiler and plant room. Leaks can come from water and heating pipes, valves, flanges and worn linkages, as well as from boilers themselves.
  • Burn marks and other physical evidence of damage around the boiler.
  • Undue noise from pumps and burners which can indicate poor combustion or wear.
  • Soot or yellow/brown staining around or on appliances.
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