Case study – Abtran

Abtran is the leading indigenous Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) in the Irish market. Established in 1997, the company is headquartered in Cork and currently employs approximately 1,100 staff across multiple business sites. Energy efficiency and making energy savings where possible, was a critical part of its 2012 agenda.

Rewriting their energy policy

In November 2011, Abtran began a review of its energy policy with the aim of making its business more efficient both in terms of its environmental footprint and also its energy usage.

As a customer of Electric Ireland, they were introduced to the Office Energy Expert, and were immediately interested in what it represented for the business. Abtran realised quickly that this guide would give its business the framework through which they could start their energy efficiency drive. In December, the company began to implement the Office Energy Expert in an attempt to help to rewrite its energy policy.

The first challenge was to identify energy inefficiencies and decide how to counteract them. Aside from the Office Energy Expert providing a road map of where the company wants to go, Abtran has already begun implementing some of the tips including …


Meter Box – this allows Abtran to monitor its usage. Abtran has begun a programme of reading and recording its meter readings at the start and end of each week through their Building Management System ( BMS). Once the business has established a weekly pattern, it will move to monthly and seasonal patterns. This will provide a start point for investigating the equipment that is using electricity, with the idea being that you cannot save what you don't measure.

External Lighting the four areas to consider are Employee Safety, Property Security, the Electrical Installation, and Long Operating Hours. Going forward, Abtran’s plan is to install:

  • Pathway lighting – Bollard lights
  • Pathway lighting – fluorescent bulkhead
  • Car park lighting – Photocell
  • Car park lighting – Lighting column

The use of automatic controls to switch lights on and off as required can save up to 15% on running costs. Light sensor switches (photocells) and time switches can be used in conjunction with each other to maximise efficiency.


Abtran is already using the interactive Office Energy Expert guidelines to improve the efficiency of its various electrical fixtures and fittings, including:

  • Computers, Projectors, Printers, Fax/Scanner/Photocopier.
  • Video Conferencing unit/monitor.
  • Air-conditioning presence sensor – Abtran has trialled these in three rooms and will now implement the Office Energy Expert guidelines in all future upgrades of their buildings.
  • Florescent ceiling lights – Abtran has installed the L5s throughout one of their units.
  • Water coolers – Abtran has installed water coolers as per the Office Energy Expert guidelines.
  • Recyclable waste/renewable energy.
  • Fridge/Freezers/Microwave Ovens/Dishwashers.
  • Water conservation – Abtran is currently tackling the issue of water conservation. The guidelines in the Office Energy Expert will be used in conjunction with that company’s recommendations.
  • Ventilation, Water heating, and dryers.
  • Loft Insulation

One of the most valuable elements of the Office Energy Expert to Abtran is that it has helped the company to begin to identify where the energy saving opportunities lie in its business.

Commenting on the guide, Noelle Barry of Abtran said: "It is hard to measure and mend inefficiencies when they have not been identified. The Office Energy Expert is giving us the tools to establish where these inefficiencies lie and I am confident that we are on the road now to making significant savings and being more energy efficient."

She added: "It is one thing to encourage greater awareness of the need to be more energy efficient, but without the systems and technology in place to support this, it would be a wasted effort."

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