What is the Demand Charge and how does it work?

A Demand Charge applies to large businesses on the Low Voltage Maximum Demand price plan.

The charge relates to each unit of electricity used during the hours of 17:00-19:00 Monday to Friday during the Winter months: (1st November – End of February, inclusive)

It is designed to reflect the high cost of producing electricity during these hours - as there is the most demand on the electricity network at these times

How will the demand charge appear on my bill?

The minimum charge that appears on Low Voltage Maximum Demand bills is 30kw.
Every additional kW you used above 30kW, during these times will incur a Demand charge.
Outside these hours and time period there is no Demand charge and this item will appear as €0.00 on your bill.

You may be able to reduce the electricity demand on your premises during these hours by:

  • using equipment at alternate hours
  • rescheduling tasks outside maximum demand periods
  • avoid large loads operating at the same time
  • using back up generators if possible.
  • Or re-visiting your opening hours
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