A guide to paying your energy bills in equal monthly instalments

Equaliser allows you pay the same amount on your electricity or gas bill every month

Designed to help you manage your business electricity or gas costs, Equaliser is a payment option that ensures you stay in control of your costs. Now you can budget for your annual energy use. Electricity Equaliser is a payment option to help you manage your electricity costs.

Equaliser spreads the costs of your electricity or gas into twelve equal monthly payments so you can control and budget for your annual energy usage.

How does Equaliser work?

We’ll look at how much electricity or gas your business used over the previous year, and we’ll divide this amount into twelve equal amounts for you to pay over the next twelve months. You choose the date of the month which you would prefer us to debit your bank account and we’ll set it up for you. And if you have a debit or credit balance at the end of the twelve months, this amount will be carried into the following year.

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As an existing customer all you need is:
  • Your electricity or gas (or both) account number, you will find this on your bill.
  • Your preferred monthly payment date (must be between 1st & 28th of the month).
  • Your bank details if you are not already on direct debit.
  • Your contact details.
  • Have at least 2 bills containing two actual meter readings to help us calculate your monthly equaliser payment.
If you are already with us, simply sign up here.

If you are not already a customer of ours, Switch to Electric Ireland first (if you are switching Gas to us, please call us on 1800 30 50 70).
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