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SME Green Tariff

Electric Ireland is delighted to announce our 100% Green tariff for SMEs in Ireland. At Electric Ireland, we understand how important sustainability is to our customers, and to theirs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Electric Ireland Green Tariff?

Our new tariff is a 100% green, 2-year Fixed Price Product (FPP) that we are delighted to offer to our SME customers in the Republic of Ireland.

2. What is a fixed price product (FPP)?

Our FPP is designed to give your business a high degree of budgetary certainty in relation to your energy charges. We fix the energy component of the unit rates. The unit rates are made up of Energy, Pass-through costs and Electricity Tax – the Pass-through costs and Electricity Tax are subject to change.

3. Which customers can avail of this tariff?

The tariff is available for Electric Ireland’s SME customers in the Republic of Ireland.

4. When can customers avail of the SME Green Tariff?

The tariff is available from the 28th of January 2020.

5. What is the cost of the Green Tariff?

You can contact to hear more about our price plans for the Green Tariff.

6. Do I have to commit to a 2-year plan?

Yes, a 2-year commitment is required when signing up for our Green Tariff product.

7. Is the Green Tariff product an amendment to an existing product?

Yes. This is a Green version of our existing 2-year Fixed Price Product (FPP).

8. How are you supplying 100% Green energy and where is it sourced from?

To ensure the customers are supplied power from a renewable source, for each Mwh consumed, a Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificate will be purchased, guaranteeing the greenness of the product. All green energy sourced by Electric Ireland is independently verified and in compliance with our electricity licence and CRU regulations.

9. Can a customer on a standard FPP switch over to the Green Tariff?

No, a customer must see their existing contract through before signing up for the Green Tariff.

10. Will my Green Tariff automatically renew at the end of the 2 years?

On contract expiry, customer will revert to the Standard Variable tariff unless they re-contract to another green fixed price/fixed term contract.

11. Do you have a certificate or proof that I am on a Green Tariff plan so I can promote this to my customers?

We are currently working on a branded green tariff sticker and certificate for all customers who sign up to our new Green Tariff. This will be sent out to all customers over the coming months.

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