Before You Join

Find out what details you need before you join Electric Ireland

Please complete this form within 21 days of your move to ensure your first bill is accurate

1 MPRN/GPRN Number

Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is a unique 11 digit number which identifies your electricity connection. Usually this number is found on a past bill, held by a previous tenant or your landlord. Your GPRN (Gas Point Registration Number) is a unique 5 to 7 digit number that identifies your gas supply. This can be found on a bill held by a previous tenant or your landlord.

2 Move In Meter Reading

Your electricity meter reading is a 5 digit number found on your electricity meter. Ignore digits in red or digits surrounded by a red box. Your gas meter reading from your gas meter is needed when singing up to a gas priceplan. The meter is read from left to right. Ignore numbers to the right of the comma. You will need to supply an accurate meter readings to ensure your first bill is accurate.

3 Your Bank Details

Your bank details to set up your direct debit. Keep in mind that only a Republic of Ireland bank account can be used for joining online. If you are moving in with a non ROI bank account please contact us on 1800 30 50 90