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Monitored Smart Home Alarm from Smartzone
in partnership with Electric Ireland

Keep your home safe and secure with a 24/7 monitored smart home alarm system for just €29.99 per month.
Smartzone Home Security Special Offer
Included in this monitored home alarm offer:

  • Smart touchscreen panel with built-in camera

  • 2 x Window and door contact sensors

  • 2 x PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors

  • Smartzone Decoy box (Security box that goes on the front of the house)

  • 2 x Smart Plugs

  • 1 x Skybell Video Doorbell

If you are interested in this offer, please call us on 021 206 6487 between 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri, or leave us a voice message and we will call you back

Save up to 30% on monitoring

Hassle-free Smartzone app

Just €29.99 per month for 24/7 home monitoring, versus €39.99+ per month with the largest provider in the Irish market. That's an annual saving of €120, which is €360 over duration of contract (36 months). mobile application: mobile application

Trusted by over 15 million customers across the world. View home status, arm and disarm your home from anywhere, anytime. Control connected devices such as Video Doorbell and Outdoor Cameras (not included in this offer).

Smart Home add-ons available

Hassle-free Smartzone app

The Smartzone system also boasts an unrivalled ecosystem of Smart Home products allowing you to add Home Heating, Water Monitoring, Indoor / Outdoor CCTV Cameras and Smart Lighting to one platform, controlled by the app on your phone.

Virtual mobile assessment

Smartzone in use

There is no need for an engineer assessment of the house because Smartzone use a very intuitive Mobile Application called Streem Viual Remote Assistant which allows you to show an advisor your windows and doors using a link sent to your phone by text.

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How setting up your smart home security system works

Electric Ireland customers can have a secure, smarter and safer home in just a few hours. Professional installers will secure your home with wireless door sensors and window sensors. Then the team will run through the Smartzone app with you so you feel confident in using your new, smarter home alarm system. Leave your name and number above and a member of our expert team will call you back.

Step One

Step 1

Complete a callback form above to discuss your Smartzone Home Alarm System. Our friendly team will talk you through the process.

Step Two

Step 2

Get your Smartzone Home Alarm System installed by Smartzone's professional installers and learn how to use the system and the application from our experts.

Step Three

Step 3

Enjoy the peace of mind of real protection, in real time.

Terms and Conditions

Data submitted on this form will be securely transferred to Smartzone to allow them to call you and discuss the offer with you, you may also be contacted by Electric Ireland for research purposes. Smartzone’s privacy policy is accessible on their website.

Data submitted on this form will also be viewed by Electric Ireland to allow for auditing of the process. Electric Ireland’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

All security services are carried out by registered PSA (Private Security Authority) installer Smartzone Security. PSA Licence Number 07423.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be an Electric Ireland customer to avail of the Smartzone offer?

Yes, you have to be an Electric Ireland customer. If you are not a customer yet, why not switch to one of our best value price plans today?

2. How much is Smartzone home alarm monthly monitoring fee?

Smartzone home alarm is €29.99 per month for fully monitored security.

3. What is the Smartzone home alarm contract length?

The contract length is 36 months.

4. Is Smartzone licensed by the PSA?

Yes, Smartzone Security is a licensed installer registered with the Private Security Authority of Ireland (PSA). PSA registration number is 07423.

5. What is the monthly fee for?

Your system will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Smartzone monthly service and monitoring fee also includes an on-going parts and labour warranty which covers malfunctions and failures.

6. I’m not good with technology –would it be too advanced for me?

The platform/system is extremely user friendly and no previous technical know-how is required.

7. How is the alarm system monitored?

Unlike traditional systems that typically only alerted you if the alarm went off, this system monitors the activity across your home’s sensors 24/7, whether your system is armed or not. This means your system can be useful in emergency and non-emergency events. All the signals from the security system are sent over a dedicated secure cellular connection for fast and reliable communication. In the event of an emergency, that signal is instantly sent to a Central Monitoring Station. There are professional monitoring personnel at the Central Station 24/7 to receive the real-time alarm signals from your system, and dispatch emergency response. Non-emergency alerts are processed and sent out based on the rules that you define. For example, you may choose to get an alert when the front door opens between 12-2pm so you know the dog walker or cleaner has showed up.

8. What is a monitored alarm?

Your alarm is connected 24/7 to a monitoring team who will alert you and the Gardaí if the alarm system is triggered. Patented technology ensures your system will work even if the alarm panel is disabled in any way by intruders. It is connected wirelessly, so even in the event of a power cut or internet failure, your alarm is always connected to the monitoring station.

9. What is a door sensor?

Door sensors detect when doors are opened, triggering your alarm in real time. They have tamper protection to prevent unauthorised removal and are completely wireless.

10. What is a motion sensor?

Motion sensors detect when there are movements in your home when there shouldn’t be, triggering your alarm in real time. These also have tamper protection to prevent unauthorised removal and are completely wireless.

11. Do I need broadband?

No. The main system Hub has Dual-path communication – hard-wired broadband connectivity via Ethernet and mobile connectivity via GSM SIM card as well as a back up battery. This is a security feature and eliminates the risk of power cuts/internet outages affecting system usage.

12. Will Smartzone work with my existing alarm?

No. Smartzone is an entirely new system. For security, sensors and other devices are paired with the main Smartzone hub.

13. What happens if I don’t want a monitored system?

As part of the Smartzone offering, customers must take the monitoring service as this covers both monitoring and maintenance.

14. Does Smartzone work with other smart devices?

Yes. Smartzone can integrate with Alexa, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Apple Watch, Google Home and any connected device such as your mobile phone, laptop or iPad.

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