Power Off and Save

diagram explaining the Power Off and Save ProgrammeThe recruitment stage of Power Off and Save has now ended

What is 'Power Off & Save'?

'Power Off & Save' is an exciting residential innovation project Electric Ireland are running in conjunction with EirGrid, the national grid operator. It’s aim is to encourage householders to lower electricity usage at various times during the day, while being rewarded for it!

Launched in June 2016, approximately 1,500 customers are participating, with the majority from our Smarter Living Panel and Smart Pay As You Go Customer base. The programme is due to be completed in Summer 2018.

There will be 10 'Power Off and Save' events during the programme and participants will be sent a text message asking them to reduce their electricity consumption by switching off appliances for 30 minute intervals, without affecting the comfort of their home.

Participants will be sent a text asking them to switch off any unnecessary appliances or delay turning them on for the next 30 minutes. Participants are only expected to respond if it is convenient for them and doesn't disturb household routines unnecessarily. Some participants will have the ability to ‘Opt in’ to automatic switch off of appliances when the event text is sent out. Electric Ireland will monitor how participants react to the message and how many people reduce their usage during each event.

Smart Control Technology

Some participants will be given Smart Energy Controllers with smart plugs developed by Accenture, as part of the programme. The Smart Energy Controller allows participants to see exactly how much electricity they're using at any time and also to remotely control the appliances from their phones. The smart plugs are typically installed on energy intensive appliances such as tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines. Later on in the programme, the Smart Energy Controller will be extended to enable participants to control their immersion water heaters remotely.

Another group of customers will get to test new smart hot water cylinders and smart hot water immersion controls from Glen Dimplex and Climote respectively.

What are the benefits?

By participating customers can earn incentives for responding to messages. To reward participants, households have the opportunity to save up to €100 on their electricity bills! Apart from reducing electricity bills, it’s a great way to take advantage of sustainable energy. Reducing electricity use during peak times will help to keep Ireland's electricity system stable.

What's next?

More Power Off & Save events are planned throughout 2017. They will take place at different times throughout the year to see how participants react as times and seasons vary. Customer research will be also carried out to discover what people think of the programme and how they dealt with reducing usage.

'Power Off & Save' empowers consumers to actively reduce their usage and be rewarded for their effort. The Electric Ireland innovation team are looking forward to the upcoming events and finding out more about how customers can Power Off & Save.

You can read a report on the progress made on this project from May 2016 to January 2017 can be read here. A second progress report on the project from February 2017 to October 2017 can be read here.

For more information, contact smarterliving@electricireland.ie