Electricity Prices & Charges
Electricity prices per unit (cent per kWh) ex. VAT inc. VAT
Unit rates
Standard unit price 19.24 c/kWh 21.84 c/kWh
Effective unit price with 5% direct debit discount only ¹ 18.18 c/kWh 20.63 c/kWh
Unit rates for Night Storage Heating (if applicable) ²
Standard unit price with direct debit discount only 10.14 c/kWh 11.51 c/kWh
Effective unit price for Night Storage Heating with 5.5% direct debit discount only ¹ 9.58 c/kWh 10.87 c/kWh
Electricity standing charges per year ex. VAT inc. VAT
Urban standing charge
Standing charge 24 hour urban per year € 167.57 € 190.19
Low usage standing charge urban per year ³ € 180.53 € 221.68
Rural standing charge
Standing charge 24 hour rural per year € 221.08 € 250.93
Low usage standing charge rural per year ³ € 234.04 € 282.41
Night storage heating standing charge (if applicable) ²
Standing charge night storage heating per year € 12.96 € 14.71
Electricity PSO levy per year ex. VAT inc. VAT
Public Service Obligation levy per year € 51.60 € 58.57
Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) for Electricity ⁴
ex. VAT inc. VAT
Urban 24-hour meter € 983 € 1,115
Urban 24-hour meter with Night Storage Heating € 815 € 925
Rural 24-hour meter € 1,036 € 1,176
Rural 24-hour meter with Night Storage Heating € 869 € 986

Prices valid as of 1st August 2021 and subject to change. Early termination fee of €50 per single fuel applies if you cancel during your 12-month contract

¹ We quote the unit rate inclusive of your discounts for information purposes only, however, the unit rate displayed on your bill will be the unit rate before discounts. You will see your discount total as one line item at the end of your bill.

² These charges only apply if you have a separate Night Storage Heating meter.

³ This alternative standing charge only applies if your average daily usage is less than 2 units per billing period.

⁴ The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) is an estimate of the average household’s cost for electricity for a year and includes VAT and all energy-related charges such as the Standing Charge and PSO Levy. It does not include non-energy related items such as energy credits for switching, loyalty points or non-cash offers. The Estimated Annual bill is based on information such as if a customer is Urban or Rural, the type of meter and any discounts that the customer may have and is calculated using average consumption of 4,200kWh. Note that if the customer has a Day/Night meter or Night Storage Heating, then it is assumed that 50% of the 4,200kWh electricity consumption will take place at the respective Night or Night Storage Heating Unit rates. These figures are approved by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). See our Estimated Annual Bill FAQ for more details.