Young St.Vincent DePaul

Electric Ireland has been a partner of Young St. Vincent de Paul since 2013

young st.vincent depaul campaign

Since 2013, Electric Ireland has supported the Young SVP National Youth Development Programme which is a nationwide initiative, providing positive, meaningful opportunities to 4th and 5th year students - showing them first-hand the importance of social justice. The programme encourages young people into social action and promotes their social and personal development. Through the Young SVP programme, Electric Ireland aims to change negative perceptions of young people and drive pride in the positive impact young people have on Irish society.

#WhatDoYouSee? How we want to change perceptions with Young SVP

You can find our interactive film which showcases two perspectives, challenging the viewer to re-assess their perception of youth participation in the community. The interactive film utilises cutting edge technology enabling a mobile in-browser, dual-messaging video experience. You can get further details on this initiative in our blog here.

One of the Under 17 teenagers includes Rachel McCarthy from Co. Cork. She spoke about the positive impact YSVP created around Mental Health - “my group project with YSVP was all about promoting positive mental health amongst the Junior Cert cycle students. We taught them how to cope, and where to seek help. Personally it taught me what a positive impact being open about your mental health has on your life. It’s ok not to be ok and to ask for help.”