Am I eligible for a Smarter Pay As You Go Meter?

To have a Smarter Pay As You Go meter installed in your home - the qualifying criteria are:

  • No more than one electricity meter installed in your property, i.e. No Night Storage Heater (NSH) Meter installed
  • No Life Support - Medical equipment
  • Customers who have a price plan / discount package on the electricity account for installation are not eligible. To be eligible, the price plan / discount package must be removed
  • Any price plan / discount package for a gas, or alternate electricity, account(s) will not be removed
  • Vending facilities - Proximity to outlet and/or access to Online OR text (registered to PAYG Site only) - Irish Visa Debit or Credit Card
  • Customer is capable of using the In Home Monitor
  • As the meter requires good comms, there needs to be good signal in the area
  • Somebody over the age of 18 needs to be in the property on the day of installation
  • Customers must opt in to have their meter data collected. Customers who do not wish to have this data collected can inform us at take-on or subsequently and we will record this decision and turn off the facility for the customer's meter.
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