How does Smarter Pay As You Go work?

  • Provides you with instant management and control of your electricity usage and account information e.g. amount used etc. on the In Home Monitor (IHM)
  • Pay for your electricity as you are using it
  • All your payments will automatically be sent to your meter 'Over the Air' using secure mobile technology, providing a customer friendly payment experience
  • You can pay for your electricity from anywhere and your house will always have electricity
  • The easy payment options reduce the risk of your electricity supply being disconnected while you are out and about
  • You can register, pay and manage your account through your secured Smarter PAYG Online Account
  • You can also receive a text to tell you when the balance of your meter is less than €10.00
  • You will have the option to pay any outstanding debt or final bill over time, by putting this on your meter. Twenty-five percent (25%) will be applied to the debt at each top-up until all of the debt is recouped.
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